My Mental Health Saga: Depression, Resignation & Frustration

I decided to make a little video instead of writing today. I explain why and give you a life update. So, hang in there and watch the whole thing. I just winged it while on a muscle relaxer that started kicking in towards the end.

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Until next time,

Warrior Megsie

8 thoughts on “My Mental Health Saga: Depression, Resignation & Frustration

  1. I, too, loved seeing your face and hearing your voice. Empathetic, I can be that. I hope I am that. And I believe you. Do take care of yourself and good luck finding that next job. Like Abigail said, that poem was amazing and powerful. Get back to writing when you can. Vlogging works great too – maybe I should try it sometime. xo

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    1. Thank you bunches, Nancy! This thoracic outlet syndrome is no joke and taking forever to heal!!! AHHHHH!!!! Working hard with networking and interviewing these days even with high pain levels.


  2. I agree it was nice to see you! Your poem was great & it gave me somethings to think about. You have been a great support. Prayers for your health & a job.

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