My name is Megan-Claire Chase (Warrior Megsie), and welcome to my blog.

I was diagnosed with breast cancer (stage II A invasive lobular) on 9/14/15 at 39 years old. You can bet I never expected to get this type of cancer. I have spent 22 months in active treatment all while single and working full-time. I had 16 rounds of chemo (4 AC and 12 Taxol), eight surgeries and 33 radiation treatments. By the end of my active treatment, I was using a cane, not able to drive, could barely walk and beautifully bald. I was officially declared NED (no evidence of disease) on 10/25/16. I refuse to say “cancer free” or “remission” because that just sounds so temporary.

I am now 44, still NED, single and have my adorable and precious baby (a ginger cat) Nathan (Natey) Edgar by my side as I struggle to navigate this “new life.” Thanks to my many cancer treatments and surgeries, I am unable to have children due to medically induced menopause in February 2017. I was diagnosed with chemo induced neuropathy and fibromyalgia October 2018. Chronic pain is difficult to tolerate with no real relief. As of December 2019, two lesions have been found on my spine which are fortunately benign but need to be monitored. I have a bulging disc with a slight tear near the nerve in my L4 and L5 lumbar spine. Then in January 2021, I had a bad fall just waking and talking and now have a grade 3 sprained ankle. Yep, I’m doing just great. Sigh.

My body feels 544 years old.

Check out my Cancer Accomplishments below:

Featured on this week’s 100 Inspiring Voices podcast with Chris Bordoni. We talk about why I started a blog, how writing changed my life, why I’m more than “the black cancer survivor” and so much more in February 2021 – PLAY It.

Ancora.ai Clinical Trials – 5 things white medical community can do to build trust within the Black community and IGNITE action in February 2021 – Play ME.

Featured on the Patient Rising Podcast for Black History Month in February 2021 – PLAY It.

Ancora.ai Clinical Trials – An article about scanxiety published in January 2021. Read ME.

Ancora.ai Clinical Trials – An article about chemo brain published in December 2020. Read ME.

Elephants and Tea Magazine – Wrote a piece called Demystifying Clinical Trials for their December 2020 issue. You must register on their site to read the digital issue. Register HERE.

Ancora.ai talk show host interviewing their CEO/Founder Danielle Ralic in November 2020. Play ME.

Neo Narrators Podcast – interviewed by the fabulous teenager Vivian on REAL breast cancer awareness. Her questions were impressive. Play ME.

Pharmaphorum – TWO featured articles about my cancer story posted in the UK in September 2020 Article #1_Read ME. AND in October 2020 Article #2_Read ME.

The Jordan Kinda Knows Something Show – was a guest on his podcast where I got to share my breast cancer story. You can find it on Spotify which I linked or Apple Podcasts or Stitcher. Play ME.

Ancora.ai talk show host interviewing breast cancer and trauma surgeon Dr. Corrine Jordan about exercising during active Episode #1 and post-treatment Episode #2 – October 2020

Ancora.ai talk show host interviewing psychologist Brian Clemente, Ph.D. about understanding the different clinical trial phases. We break it down and have a blast doing it! Play ME.

Ancora.ai talk show host interviewing psychologist Brian Clemente, Ph.D. about self-care during COVID-19. Great advice and lots of genuine laughter. Click here. – September 2020

Office of Community Outreach & Engagement Fred Hutch/University of Washington Cancer Consortium – Mentioned in part of the article in September 2020. Click here

Patient Power – An article published about Facing Your Mortality where I talk about my cancer experience in September 2020. Click here.

Ancora.ai Clinical Trials – An article published about Cancer and COVID-19 Collide in September 2020.Click here.

Ancora.ai Clinical Trials – An article about headaches dealing with health insurance in August 2020. Click here.

The College of Saint Rose Alumni Magazine – An article about my cancer advocacy and college memories in July 2020. Click here.

Patient Power – An article about dating and cancer in July 2020. Click here.

Teen Cancer America – JTV – Three short videos discussing self-advocacy, racial disparities, and emotional health in July 2020. Click here.

Cancer Health at Home – FB LIVE panel about cancer and COVID-19 with some other fellow warriors and bloggers in July 2020. Click here

MM&M Expo sponsored by W2O – LIVE virtual panel discussing diversity needed in clinical trials in July 2020. Click here to register so you can watch.

Spilling Tea with the G’s – episode #8 Click here with Nick and Steve Giallourakis from Elephants and Tea in June 2020, which is a young adult cancer survivor support site.

***Featured in People Magazine click here and KHN (Kaiser Health News) click here and mentioned in Cele|Bitchy click here about Cancer and COVID-19 on 6/24/20.***

Cancer Health Magazine – wrote a piece that was published in their ‘Voices’ section called Infertility Grief click here in June 2020.

GRYT Health – speaker for their virtual Mental Health Summit in April 2020 on ‘Writing to Heal.’ Click here.

***Featured in an article in The New York Times on 4/3/20 Click here about being laid off during the COVID-19 pandemic and being breast cancer scans***

Brain Cancer Diaries – Lemonade episode in February 2020. This episode gives insight into life in the cancer world and the emotional darkness and physical struggles many of us continue to face. click here

Dating roo – I was interviewed for an article on cancer and dating in the UK in January 2020 click here

My blog has been syndicated on Cancer Health Magazine’s website June 2019 – Present click here

SHARE Cancer Support article on five things I’ve learned since my breast cancer diagnosis click here

VoyageATL – It is my first non-cancer publication to publish my cancer story in 2019 click here

Also, you can find it in the Inspiring Stories series at the top of the homepage as part of the Sandy Springs collection. click here

WATC TV Channel 57 – interviewed for October 2019 breast cancer awareness segment for young adult cancer survivors. click here

Brain Cancer Diaries – interviewed for an episode during October 2019 for breast cancer awareness on YouTube Play ME.

Presented with Francesca Music from Elon University our abstract titled, “You don’t really have a say in anything…like you don’t have any options”: AYA Cancer Survivors’ Perspectives on Fertility Preservation Conversations with Healthcare Providers at the 16th Annual American Psychosocial Oncology Society (APOS) in Atlanta, GA in February 2019.

Francesca and I were also accepted for a Poster Symposia II: Sexual and Reproductive Health oral presentation at the annual meeting of the Society for Adolescent Health and Medicine in Washington, DC March 2019.

Our abstract is published in the medical journal Psycho-Oncology.  Here’s the citation:
Music, F., Chase, M. & Fair, C. (2019). “You don’t really have a say in anything….like you don’t have any options”: AYA perspectives on fertility
preservation conversations with healthcare providers. Psycho-Oncology, 28 S1, 17.  doi: 10.1002/pon.4986

Story Mistress for Paint Day and Speaker of Survivor Stories for Best Strokes: Hadassah Bares All for ART with Hadassah Greater Atlanta March 2019.

9th Annual WEGO Health Award 2020

Nominated for Best in Show: Blog | Best in Show: Patient Leader | Best in Show: Twitter | Best in Show: Instagram

Nominated for a Mystery Blogger Award 2019.

Voted as runner up in IHadCancer.com’s 2017 Best Blog contest in the Survivor category.

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