Say My Name, Say My Name

Instead of writing a post I decided to record one instead. Forgive the low lighting. My BP is quite low today and feeling rather out of sorts.

The importance of your name

5 thoughts on “Say My Name, Say My Name

  1. Very well done. I love the expressiveness of your video. I’ve been considering doing a vlog for some time too – typing gets tiring and not enough emotion comes through the written format at times. However, I really do understand exactly where you’re coming from
    – and that’s from being a woman in a male dominated technology market for 28 years before I got my diagnosis. The disgusting way in which one is treaded (and never mind being a Jew in Houston- always a joke of some kind) was neither funny nor fun. I never refer to people by their race, we are people. Sometimes there would be surprised faction should a person of color show up to a face to face meeting who they had only met via con call prior to that. My heart would sink because of embarrassment for the incomprehensible racially driven attitude change. I had hoped by now things had gotten better but it seems that I may not live to really see the end of that behavior.

    I am fortunate my girlfriend Carmen would have very open discussions with me when I was still in the workforce. She always had a job if I had headcount because she is so good at what she does and always had my back. And loyalty in friendship is an honorable trait. She was one of three people who came with me when I would build a team. It was always a subtle nudge that would come from HR like atta girl for filling some percentage points around diversity – puke.


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